Cody Rhodes Needs To Get Crazy

By williambontrager
courtesy of Cody Rhodes-WWE Universe

There is a new tag team champion and they are the Rhodes boys. Unlike Cody and Dustin Rhodes’ grandfather, who was the no-nonsense tough guy, the rest of them have subjected themselves to entertaining crowds.

Dusty Rhodes, with his heavy, charismatic Cajun accent and polka dot wrestling tights, made himself stick out in the business by being the loveable, everyday laborers wrestler. He was flashy like Flair, but not with the haughtiness. He made himself endearing while acting tough and being peculiar.

Then Dustin Rhodes took over and became even more eccentric than his daddy. He donned gold paint, slapped on a long feminine wig and caressed himself in the ring. His gimmick was he was the weirdo from Hollywood, who had strange tastes inside and outside the squared circle.

They both performed for the crowd, showing what good sports they were in a world where pride is hard to let go for some wrestlers.

Now there is Cody.

He seems to be the black sheep of the family of loons. Whereas Big Dusty had his signature style, and Goldust definitely carved out his own original niche in the business, Cody is just, well, Cody.

He showed tremendous personality however when he teamed with Damien Sandow, but now he is plain. He needs to harness some of that lunatic energy that belongs to his family. Inside of Cody there is a crazy man ready to be let out, and the WWE needs to capitalize on that.

Maybe he should also wear the gold face paint while teaming with his brother. They could call themselves the Gilded Rhodes or something. Something needs to be done with him because he is a great wrestler, good on the microphone and in mere months, the bizarre one is outshining him in spades.

Cody is too good, now he needs to get a little crazy!

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