WWE's TLC PPV Will Flop

By williambontrager
courtesy of WWE-WWE Facebook

Come on, WWE! What is this garbage you are trying to give us loyal fans this time?

TLC was one of the pay-per-views that revved me up. In the past, we saw Edge fly off the top of a shaky steel ladder and send Jeff Hardy to the crushing mat below. We witnessed kendo sticks, face-shattering chair shots, and carnage that left the ring and the perimeter around it looking like an accident area, draped with ropes of caution tape.

This year, we have John Cena squaring off against Randy Orton. Oh the thrills running up and down my body are more than I can contain! Could we possibly see Orton’s death-defying face- first DDT while Cena’s feet are balanced on the ropes? What could be more thrilling than watching Cena wave his hand in front of his face, before dropping that pampered fist down on his foe for the 100th time?

I am a little angry, if you can’t tell. The WWE has only booked one TLC match, and it is between two opponents that are practically being thrown in our faces, telling us that we have to like it. While other matches had potential, the company simply didn’t invest much time in their stories to make them as good as they could have been for the annual event.

If the WWE was smart, they would have built up the feud between Big E Langston and Damien Sandow sooner so we could go into their match expecting these two awesome athletes to destroy each other with tables, ladders and chairs. But since it is a rivalry in its infant stages, the psychology would be all wrong. These matches need to be built up, and Vince McMahon dropped the ball on this, as he has been doing a lot lately.

It is still probably going to be my favorite match of the evening, but I don’t expect this pay-per view to make the meter tremble.

For wrestling fans, I would suggest that you wait one extra day on Raw to catch up, and pray that they build up some characters to make for an exciting WrestleMania season.

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