WWE's Tables, Ladders and Chairs Wasn't Worth Price To Watch

By williambontrager
Photo is Courtesy of WWE-WWE Facebook

I can’t imagine anyone thinking that the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match was a success.

The WWE is on the way down in my opinion if this is the quality of matches that we can expect for the future. I had to smack myself a few times to remind myself that I am not watching Raw but an expensive pay per view.

The only matches that were decent were Daniel Bryan and the Wyatt’s, and the Tag team match with Cody Rhodes and Golddust.

The other wrestlers checked their talent at the door.

Here is the problem. It is ordinary. Nothing spectacular happened. Usually when people pay to see wrestling they see something that they can’t see on Raw. But this pay-per-view failed in every aspect of even being mediocre.

Here is a hint WWE; When you promote an event and call it Tables, Ladders and Chairs, and deck the far walls out in hanging steel chairs that range to the ceiling, then give us tables, ladders and chairs in the matches.

You don’t have to take Mick Foley hits to the skull to be entertaining. Use your hand like The Rock, or Undertaker has done countless times before, and feign the headshot. The WWE can’t even hint at someone getting hit in the dome anymore with a chair, which is ludicrous.

Also, can someone other than Randy Orton go through a table? Orton was going for the record last night it seemed and as fast as he went through them, he got back up.

One thing is for certain, Foley tweeted correctly when he said that Bray Wyatt has that “it” factor. If it wasn’t for him and the little bearded troll that yells “yes”, I would have clotheslined my TV to the plush carpet.

We need to see more of them please, one on one, with the story going from mysterious, to dark, and culminating to a fever pitch at WrestleMania.

The whole event wasn’t worth half the price WWE and satellite TV charged, but it gave me something to complain about. Orton winning the belt doesn’t mean a swirling leaf in a blistering wind to me. I’m going to keep cheering for the goat.

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