Let Brodus Clay Beast Through WWE Big Men

By williambontrager
courtesy of Brodus Clay-WWE Facebook

Call your momma, because Brodus Clay is fed up with this dancing shtick.

Last night on Raw, he expressed all of his frustration by splashing his hulking frame on his former teammate, Prince Albert, Tensai, Sweet T or whatever his name is this year.

With Kane acting like a neutered pet, and Mark Henry getting chummy with Big E Langston, and The Big Show teaming with Rey Mysterio, Clay might be the nefarious monster the WWE needs.

Clay has that no-nonsense street personality and he showed his out of control ego in the minimal time he was allowed to tell a story. Recent events had him growing enraged at Xavier Woods for stealing his spotlight and he made quick work of him. His frustration was apparent and it finally came to a conclusion resulting in his heel turn on Raw against his jiving partner.

I, for one, am glad of this.

Although Tons of Funk was fun, it is was time for Clay to make a change. It seems like R-Truth and Woods will be more than happy to pick up the dances in the middle of the ring. In the meantime, big Brodus should pride himself on being a destroyer.

I think what would be interesting is to have him as a guy that can demolish the big men of the WWE. He has the athleticism and size to make it believable to take out any number of the heavyweight faces of the company.

He could start with Sweet T.

By beating his former partner, and in an indisputable and cheap way, Clay could be the new face of fear for guys that were so safe before. I am talking about the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry, the freak Ryback, the not so Great Khali and The Big Show. They could all be hunted by the enraged escaped rhino that is Brodus Clay.

Then if Brock Lesner does return, what greater entrance can he make then by challenging the new Colossus at Wrestlemania?

Most likely the WWE won’t do much with Clay, but he has the potential to be a top big man in the industry.

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