WWE Rumors: Shawn Michaels Return Offer On Table For Wrestlemania 30

By RanterX
Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is supposed to be the one wrestler that actually stays retired. In the world of pro wrestling, you truly should never say never, but with HBK, it seems like he has no intentions of getting in the squared circle again. After his second Wrestlemania bout with the Undertaker back in 2010, Michaels walked away on top and really gave himself a storybook ending to his career. Now, there’s big time buzz that he could make a return at Wrestlemania 30 this April.

Anyone who’s watched WWE programming as of late has seen the HBK on a regular basis. He’s been on and off television ever since he screwed Daniel Bryan back at Hell in a Cell. This past Monday he confronted CM Punk and the two talked about getting physical. So is it possible that HBK could face Punk or Bryan at Mania? According to multiple sites across the internet, the answer is yes. There’s said to be an offer on the table from WWE to Michaels for one last match at WM 30. His opponent? Daniel Bryan, his former student in real life.

So will HBK accept?

The easy answer is no. He hasn’t wavered once since hanging up his boots nearly four years ago and he seems to know how great of an ending he had with Taker at WM 26. If he comes back, that last match will get devalued and his retirement in general, would be devalued. Will HBK tarnish his legacy if he comes back to put Bryan over? No way. Heck, he’d probably enhance it in some regards by putting on a five-star match.

We’ll have to see how this plays out, but my best guess is that HBK will stay retired. He’ll stay involved in the current storylines until Mania, but he won’t officially go back in the squared circle. But as mentioned above, never say never in the world of pro rasslin’.


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