TNA: Kurt Angle May Snap After Bobby Roode's Mental Chess Game

By williambontrager
Courtesy of TNA Impact Wrestling Official Facebook

TNA once again surpassed WWE this week as they hosted their Final Resolution event. The crowd was in full riotous effect, and why wouldn’t they be? When you put on great matches and give the fans what they want, they will reward you with applause and their loyalty.

Kurt Angle‘s character is growing more intense as he is questioning his life choices after losing again to Bobby Roode. He was shown slumped against the wall in the locker room, distraught that he has been outsmarted once again by his wily opponent. The match, though fought numerous times before, was heightened because a new aspect of Angle’s character is revealed each time they wrestle. From his getting slammed on the back of his head and rendered unconscious, to his obvious distress about his performance at the last event, it leaves us wanting more from this feud.

What is Angle’s future in TNA? Will he retire, become a heel, or battle his demons and be the more of the hero in the ring than before? Will he finally get to a point where he feels like he deserves to be in the TNA Hall of Fame with Sting, or will these recent events push him over the edge?

I, for one, would love to see Angle go a little crazy. He hasn’t been successful since he passed up the offer to join the Hall of Fame. He promised his fans that he will give more of himself to his craft and get better, and to be more memorable in the ring. He told Sting that until that moment comes, he will not allow himself to be honored in that kind of ceremonious way.

This seemed like a noble, humble and very heroic thing to do. However, this could have been the beginning of Angle’s decline towards madness. They could play up the plot of Angle meeting his breaking point by not living up to the expectations he placed on his own shoulders. An Angle heel turn would mean a very lethal foe for TNA.

Either way they go with Angle, he is one of the reasons I look forward to Impact every week and feel less excited about Raw or Smackdown.

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