TNA: Magnus Needs To Be Despised To Be Successful

By williambontrager
courtesy of Impact Wrestling-Impact Wrestling Facebook

It was predictable that Jeff Hardy didn’t sell out and Magnus did. It was still a great match and although the title Dixieland is a horrible name for a special match, the high-flying Hardy made it a sensation. If this was the WWE, Hardy would be holding the championship, but Impact is smaller and more willing to take the risk with Magnus as the face of their company.

I don’t like him, but he might be a good stooge for Dixie Carter and the smiling, leering EC3. The question remains: did Magnus simply take advantage of the situation or is he fully on the evil empire’s side?

Whatever helps Magnus become more interesting is fine by me since he is going to face promo kings such as Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Sting. No doubt, the former members of the Main Event Mafia are going to have something to say about their former partner’s recent turn. That is the way I would use Magnus since that seems to be his only identity in TNA.

It really is hard to tell what stories are going to be best for a guy like Magnus. He could possibly hunt down his former Main Event Mafia partners in an attempt to ascend above them and distance himself from their tremendous shadows. It is also quite possible that this will bring back AJ Styles, and there will be a question as to who is the legitimate TNA champion.

Or, he could remain a face and just talk about his love for the business and the respect that he has for Americans and their wrestling ways. This shouldn’t be the way to go since this is mind-numbingly boring. If wrestling has proven anything, it is that British wrestlers make some of the best heels.

He shouldn’t be sickeningly English to the point where he drapes himself in their flag and chatters about the queen. But he has the accent, so he should use it to grate on the fans. If Styles doesn’t return, then I think Samoa Joe would be a great first combatant for the new champion.  He could poke fun at the new champion and entertain us as we stand to our feet and shake our fist at Dixie Carter’s new creation. Magnus will only be great if he is heartily booed.

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