Why Is Batista Returning To The WWE?

By Damian Seeto
Batista With Triple H
Image from Triple H – WWE Universe Facebook

With Batista set to return to the WWE in early 2014, what made him decide to wrestle again?

It has been leaked via an advertisement that Batista will be coming back in early 2014. He left the WWE back in 2010 because he hated the “PG” direction the company was going towards. After trying out MMA, he has since been starring in Hollywood movies. What made him decide to come back to the WWE?

For one thing, I don’t think MMA worked out well for him because he started the sport too late. Batista is in his 40s and that is too old to do that kind of sport. He only had one match and won, but I don’t think he earned a lot of money from it. He has found more luck in Hollywood as he starred alongside Vin Diesel in Riddick and is set to appear in Guardian of the Galaxy. Still, I don’t think Batista is as versatile as The Rock so he may not get as many roles.

Batista might have wanted to return to wrestle after seeing Rock, RVD and Brock Lesnar come back. All three of these guys come back on a part-time basis, and I feel he also wanted to wrestle occasionally too. Chris Jericho does the same thing when he’s not making music with his band Fozzy.

A part-time WWE schedule for Batista will benefit him since he can leave if he gets more movie roles in the future. I have a feeling Guardians of the Galaxy will open more doors for him in Hollywood as that movie has the potential to be one of 2014’s biggest blockbusters.

I also think Batista is more willing to return after seeing the types of promos CM Punk and Rock have been doing. Sure, the WWE is still PG, but these two have pushed the boundaries sometimes. Even Lesnar’s recent matches have been brutal featuring lots of weapons and even blood. Either that or he’s looking to get a good pay day.

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