AJ Styles Should Return To TNA

By Damian Seeto
AJ Styles Flies
Image courtesy of Impact Wrestling – Facebook

AJ Styles left TNA Wrestling not too long ago, but it would be a good idea for him to return.

Styles left TNA mainly because they weren’t able to afford the amount of money they were paying him before. Styles has mentioned before that TNA is his home, but he still has to take care of his family. Obviously, a pay cut is bad news for everyone, so Styles decided to leave to explore his options.

Right now, Styles is a free agent, so he can work on the independent scene. He’s currently charging $3,000 to $4,000 per appearance. This is good money, but not as great as the $350,000 per year he was getting in TNA. The company was going to pay his cut to $200,000 per year, but Styles declined this offer.

$200,000 per year should be good enough for Styles to take in my opinion. Sure, going to the WWE would seem like a better option, but I don’t think WWE would pay him as much as TNA are offering. Not to mention, WWE has tons of talent they never use anyway. I haven’t seen the likes of Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd and JTG in months, but they’re still on the payroll. Even if Styles did go to WWE, he won’t have much TV time. Especially not in early 2014 with Batista, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar coming back for WrestleMania XXX.

I think Styles going back to TNA would be his best option. TNA knows how to treat him as a star and are also willing to pay him more than other wrestling companies. Sure, it’s a pay-cut, but he’ll be earning more than staying on the independent scene.

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