WWE: Did John Cena Bury The Nexus?

By Damian Seeto
John Cena Buries Wade Barrett
Image courtesy of John Cena – WWE Universe Facebook

Some new anecdotal evidence has arrived that suggests John Cena was responsible for the Nexus demise.

As some of you will remember, The Nexus was a popular group made up of young stars. They were white-hot during the summer of 2010 and pretty much demolished many of the WWE‘s top stars. Many people predicted that the group would dominate the company for many months and feud with the top stars. Well, this wasn’t the case as the Nexus fizzled out fast and none of the members became huge stars.

At the time, many people thought it was because Vince McMahon didn’t want the group to look better than Cena. According to Edge and Chris Jericho, it may be Cena himself that buried the group.

Edge was a guest on Jericho’s podcast the other day where they talked about the famous match from SummerSlam 2010. Both Jericho and Edge wanted the Nexus to win that match, but Cena wanted to win the match for himself. Naturally, he did win the match and the group disbanded quickly after that.

Edge and Jericho wanted Wade Barrett to become a huge star and they both commented that he’s done nothing ever since. This is all because Cena buried the group, which prevented them from becoming a huge deal. Now Barrett is stuck with a gimmick where all he does is say bad news to the crowd. It’s unlikely that he’ll become the main event star he was back in 2010.

Edge and Jericho did mention Cena admitted he was wrong about wanting to win the match. Still, the damage is already done as none of the members of the group have reached main event status ever again. Ryback comes close, but he’s pretty much in the doghouse at the moment.

Micheal Tarver was released, Justin Gabriel and David Otunga are never on TV, Heath Slater is a jobber and Darren Young is just a tag-team wrestler that has never been a champ before.

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