WWE: Batista And Brock Lesnar Will Take Spotlight From Deserving Wrestlers

By williambontrager


courtesy of Brock Lesnar-WWE Facebook

Here we go. TNA is crashing around us and WWE is growing bigger. The Walmart of wrestling now is spitting out Brock Lesnar’s return on Raw for their last show of 2013. I am so excited for this mediocre wrestler’s arrival that I can barely type this.

Perhaps we can see him belly to belly slam someone for this colossal event to ring in the New Year?

Whatever he does, it will undoubtedly be steeped in boredom as Lesnar is one of the most one-dimensional wrestlers out there. He makes his entrance as the curtains begin to roll up for the WrestleMania season.

Meanwhile, Batista is coming back, another larger than life wrestler who is only slightly better on the microphone and aging at a furious pace.

These two are the big surprises that WWE is offering us fans as WrestleMania XXX approaches. These big, bulky dudes will suffocate those mid-card wrestlers that really deserve a shot for something greater. Sure, neither one of them can act, which plays a giant role in pro wrestling, but that no longer matters in this world of charisma-free bad boys.

But where do we go if not WWE?

Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy have departed TNA along with Hogan and left a serious void. Ring of Honor is desperate and using guys like a bloated, slow moving Matt Hardy and trying to build up guys like Kevin Steen in their frenzied desperation. There seems to be no escape.

Guys like Batista and Lesnar should get cut out. The world wants to see more wrestlers who are performers and not just names. I can’t imagine a scenario where the “Animal” will hold my attention for a second. I already change the channel whenever I see Cena, and lately I am doing this more frequently and with less difficulty. These two will add to it.

Tonight when Lesnar stomps to the squared circle, I will suddenly remember I have to brush my teeth, trim my fingernails, walk the dog, hide up a tree, and basically do anything else besides watch the stagnant programming.

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