WWE’s Next Bad Idea: John Cena Battling Bray Wyatt


courtesy of John Cena-WWE Universe Facebook

So that great story-line with Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt, that had the potential to be an epic one, might be over. Rumors, little wrestling birds that fly around the backstage of the ring, report to us down below, that there is a match set for the mysterious cult leader and the former Prototype.

Yes, that is the head of the Wyatt family against the pampered little Juanito Cena.

I think John Cena witnessed that Bray could really boost him up. Seeing as how he interacted so convincingly with Bryan, he went a little green with envy. After all, it always takes a great heel to bring out a face, and Cena seems to have his way as if he has Vince McMahon on a little short string, along with the writing team of the WWE.

Will this be a good story-line or are they going to throw something quickly together out of desperation?

Cena may be good on the microphone, but he is less than spectacular in the ring.

The Wyatt and Daniel Bryan feud was their ticket to introduce the WWE to the grisly world of the three, but in Cena’s hands that evil will warp and become a sideshow. Bray Wyatt will simply become another heel for another face to battle against, to make Cena look good as the smoke dissipates.

The elements are simply not there for Wyatt and Cena!

With Bryan, there is a chip on his shoulder.

He was jipped out of the championship, belittled all throughout his career and remains very idealistic. He doesn’t toe the company line, questions authority, and that gave Bray his way in to seduce the smaller wrestler with dark promises. We questioned if we would see a brainwashed Bryan emerge down the ramp and it left us watching.

With Cena, there isn’t that psychology.

His gimmick is, he is a wrestler that hustles, works hard and has earned more than what he deserves. He doesn’t see the world that the Wyatt’s see because he is the leader of that very world that they hate, shun and seek to destroy. He will mock them, and in doing so, it will cheapen them.

They should have stuck to their feud with Bryan instead. There was something really special there.

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