Daniel Bryan Turns Heel In Amazing WWE Raw Finale

By williambontrager
courtesy of Bray Wyatt-WWE Universe Facebook


Daniel Bryan was helpless, in the middle of the ring and he admitted that the leader of the Wyatt’s was right. He knelt, accepting Bray’s offer and shocked and disappointed an army of his followers in Virginia as RAW came to a climatic close.

Finally the WWE did something gutsy again.

They took their top performer, the wrestler of the year, the guy that causes everyone to stand to their feet and applaud like wild hyenas, and has now turned him heel!

Oh what a glorious night!

I have salivated thinking about the stories the writers can come up with as Bryan walks down that long ramp, and the eerie strings and hypnotic bass thrums accompany him throughout he arena. I see a glassy-eyed Bryan turned rabid like a dog, and unleashed on the WWE universe. The bearded monsters now have a wild little beast that can tear through any opponent.

Joining the Wyatt family will instantly give Bryan the credibility he deserves and depending on how long the story goes, could see him be a champion again. It will probably be only temporary but at least maybe CM Punk could get involved in an attempt to try to deprogram him.

Either way, I am excited to see this change. Daniel Bryan is a true entertainer and excellent sport for doing this. Cena would in no way turn heel but Bryan knows the power of the crowd, the power of a good story in wrestling and the shockwaves that will be sent that will carry in to the next year.

I am awaiting Smackdown now with bated breath.

When the wrestling world is saying “no”, I am emphatically still screaming “yes”, and louder than before.

He was a powerful opponent before, but now it is like taking Wolverine, brainwashing him and turning him loose against the Marvel Universe. Every time this happened, a good story usually followed. I will expect no less from Daniel Bryan.

He has the beard, the acting ability, and the fan base to make this one of the best stories in years. For once, I am actually applauding the WWE!

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