Did Daniel Bryan Really Join The Wyatt Family?

By Damian Seeto
Daniel Bryan With Bray Wyatt
Image from Daniel Bryan – WWE Universe Facebook

Daniel Bryan shocked the wrestling world by turning heel and joining The Wyatt Family. Is this a way to actually fight against the stable from within?

Bryan has been feuding with The Wyatt Family for a few months now and it doesn’t really make sense for him to join the faction so easily. Not to mention Bryan is one of WWE’s top babyface wrestlers. Other than John Cena and CM Punk, there is no other main event babyface wrestler for fans to cheer for.

For older fans, they’re likely to still cheer for Bryan whether or not he’s a heel or babyface. Still, I don’t believe Bryan has truly joined the “dark side” as I don’t think WWE is stupid enough to make one of its most popular stars turn into a heel just yet.

Bryan was voted by the fans as the “Superstar of the Year” in 2013. It would be kind of wrong for WWE to turn him into a bad guy just after the fans started to go crazy for him.

In my mind, Bryan could be working “undercover” and might screw The Wyatt Family at the Royal Rumble match. The Royal Rumble is every man for himself so Bryan could chuck out the members of the group while they’re being distracted.

Bear in mind, I could be wrong and Bryan could be a legitimate heel. If that’s the case, then there will be a lot of angry fans. If Bryan stays as a heel, it’s likely he would be out of the WWE Title for quite some time since Randy Orton is likely to keep the belt until WrestleMania XXX. WWE rarely books heel vs. heel matches these days.

It would be interesting to see whom Bryan will feud with if he stays as a heel in the long future.

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