Batista And Brock Lesnar Will Make 2014 Awesome

By Damian Seeto
Batista Coming In 2014
Image from Batista – WWE Universe Facebook

Brock Lesnar made a huge impact on the last episode of Raw for 2013. In just three week’s time, Batista will make his return to the WWE.

This will be the first time both men will be in the WWE at the same time, on top of their game. When Lesnar was a star back in 2002-04, Batista was nothing more than a mute bodyguard in Evolution. It wasn’t until the year 2005 that he became a main event star.

Batista decided to leave the WWE back in 2010 as he was unhappy about the direction the company was heading towards. During this time, Lesnar was in the UFC. Lesnar then decided to return part-time in 2012, while Batista was in Hollywood filming a couple of movies.

2014 will be awesome with both men in the company at the same time. Lesnar is likely to stay around until April for WrestleMania XXX. Batista on the other hand, is back full time for another two years for one last run.

Lesnar already made things exciting by destroying Mark Henry and setting his sights on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It’s unknown who Batista will feud with when he comes back, but we can be sure that he’ll be involved in high profile matches and storylines. Hopefully Batista will face Lesnar down the road.

Having Lesnar and Batista in the company will make the company a lot more exciting. Recently, the WWE has pushed John Cena and Randy Orton down our throats. Not to mention, we have been seeing the same old matches over and over again. The duo of Lesnar and Batista will hopefully kick off more exciting matches and developments throughout 2014.

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