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TNA Impact! January 2: Top 5 Observations

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5 Observations from January 2 edition of TNA Impact

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TNA gave their fan base justice this week. After what was a really bad episode last week, TNA turned the car around and got it going in the right direction. This edition added matches to the Genesis card for January 16, but also had the return of AJ Styles.

I would think they would save the big title match until Genesis, but they put it on before the pay-per-view. It’s possible that TNA felt it would be over-booking the show.

TNA fired on all cylinders on this show, not only in enhancement of the current storylines, characters and programs, but also in introducing an old face like Sam Shaw. He has been off TV for some time and made his return. The chemistry between he and Christy Hemme is a bit odd. My suspicion is that Christy might be his manger, or maybe they're involved in another love triangle? I think they have that story in progress with Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky.

TNA had tough completion from the Oklahoma-Alabama football game over on ESPN. They had plenty of matches and had many talking segments that flowed well. I do feel that TNA felt rushed and made the viewers try to keep up with the pace they were going for.

The show started and ended on a good note. That is all the viewers ask for. Here are the top five moments of the show:

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5. Opening Segment

Courtesy of Impact! Wrestling Facebook Page

This should be the final installment of this feud and should steal the show. I would like to see Booby Roode back in the main event spotlight as I think he deserves to be there.

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4. Madison Rayne Defeats Gail Kim

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I was expecting more from this match. Both women might have been holding back for their match in a few weeks. This match gets a 2.5-5* rating.

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3. Chris Sabin wins X Division title!

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The match was decent, but it felt like a cheap win due to the finish. Austin Aries has to tie into the tension between Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky right? All signs point to it. Time will tell. This match gets a 2.5-5* rating.

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2. Bully Ray – Mr. Anderson Segment

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What was the point of this segment? I understand they have to continue the feud between Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson. It was almost pointless -- there will most likely be a match at Genesis between these two.

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1. Beer Money Def. Angle & Gunner

Courtesy of Impact! Wrestling Facebook Page

Beer Money was one of the best tag teams that TNA has ever seen. Unfortunately, that boat has sailed and they should be in the main event spotlight. For some reason, TNA does not see that. The match was a plug for both programs. This match gets a 3.5-5* rating.

Andy Ravens is a pro wrestling writer for Rant