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WWE Smackdown Jan. 3: Top 5 Observations

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Overlook The Episode

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The first Smackdown of the year was good. Once again, Smackdown is the only show that WWE gives not only quantity, but quality. Some will say that Raw gives you more matches, more time, and I would agree. There are some instances where even if you have several matches with 10-minute time limit, it does not always work out to be great. Most cases it turns out to drag.

The main event was a repeat and is getting a bit redundant. The Shield has wrestled every team in the WWE and also the top talent that the WWE has to offer. The main event was good, but still felt repetitive. It had a “been there, done that” feel to it.

Nikki Bella looks to be on a trial run as a singles diva. All her career she has been with Brie. Her sister had her run which was solid. But I believe Nikki has a better look and yes, I know they are twins. Brie is a better wrestler, but come on. In that division, appearance is more than the skill set of pure wrestling.

Brodus Clay was not on Smackdown, so maybe they have left the storyline with him and Tensai behind. I hope, but seriously doubt it.

No Daniel Bryan or Bray Wyatt on the show, most likely they will follow up the major Raw angle on this Monday’s show.

No John Cena or Randy Orton as well. They were doing live events. However, CM Punk and company held down the fort with no problem.

Now onto the top five countdown:

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5. The Usos Defeats The Shield Via DQ

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The match was good, but how many times can you book the Shield against the Usos? I understand this is only Smackdown, but come on. The main event is setup for a six-man tag for later.

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4. Nikki Bella Defeats Aksana

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This match was nothing too special. It was a normal divas match that had one girl dominating the entire bout. I can see Nikki Bella being on a future single’s run that could do well for her career. Maybe a Nikki verses her sister Brie. That is far-fetched, but certainly a possibility.

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3. Big E. Langston Defeats Curtis Axel

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The match was decent. The more important story is who will be Big E. Langston's next opponent? Do they wait and have him take on Dean Ambrose in a unification match? I would love to see that. I could go on and on about a unification match, but it is the weekend.

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2. Tag Team Title Match: Rhode Brothers © Def. The Wyatt Family

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Really good tag team match, and I do wish they would have made this the main event. This was a good boost for me as a viewer to have a good long match and not a squash contest. The WWE has done wonders with both teams.

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1. CM Punk and The Usos Defeats The Shield

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This was a good way to close out the show. The Shield days are numbered and the end is in sight. I wish they would end the feud between CM Punk and the Shield already, though. We have seen them fight in almost any normal match routine. Time to move on. As of a late, CM Punk feuds have dragged into the later parts of the program.