Daniel Wyatt-Bryan Successful Despite WWE's Humiliating Story

By williambontrager
Courtesy of Daniel Bryan Official WWE Facebook Page

The story of Randy Orton and John Cena will hopefully only drag on until the closing of Royal Rumble, but the real story is the coverall-clad Daniel Wyatt-Bryan, who showed that he can be ominous and dangerous in the ring as a family member. In his evil debut, he was able to tower above the smaller Rey Mysterio Jr., showing that he fits in with the giants that he wrestles with now.

Although I applauded the contagious superstar’s transition to the dark side when I watched him slowly creep to the ring, I was worried that being a Wyatt might take away the fiery emotions that made him so successful. I was relieved to see that he was just as inspiring in the ring as he hammered an Uso brother that he dangled like a trapped little insect in a spider web.

I didn’t need to worry about his personality as much as what the creative team did to him on Old School Raw. The crowd was behind him, but the WWE was not.

There is already dissension among the Wyatts. They were beaten by the faceless Usos in a humiliating way in front of the Baltimore fans. Bryan tagged in, Luke Harper didn’t like it, they argued and Harper was pinned. The greatest heel team WWE currently has was left looking ridiculous in the center of the ring as their opponents rejoiced.

I was livid and sat through a few segments, thinking that maybe theories about Vince McMahon smothering Bryan’s popularity by means of the Wyatts might be true. However, I was a little relieved when the camera went to the back to show the Wyatt family in discussion. Bryan was his true self, vocal, angry, already feeling marginalized by Harper’s attitude and ready to lead them to future victory.

Bray Wyatt noticed this and agreed to tag with Bryan in the next match of Raw, an honor he didn’t bestow on his former underlings. This showed me that Daniel Wyatt-Bryan is going to get the respect he deserves from the fans, from his teammates and eventually from the machine that wants him to be a one-trick pony to sell T-shirts.

Let Brock Lesnar, Orton, Cena and Batista grab the spotlight for now. When the dust settles, it will be Bryan that will hold the belt, coming from a compelling storyline fueled by great wrestling.

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