Will Damien Sandow Continue As Laughingstock For WWE Machine?

By williambontrager
courtesy of Damien Sandow-WWE Facebook

What does the WWE do with their compelling characters that show tremendous versatility and ring skills? They allow them to get beat by the Great Khali and his clumsy finishing maneuver, the Brain Chop.

Similar to Daniel Bryan, it seems like the machine is trying to keep Damien Sandow down. He has been in some gimmick matches and silly events, such as the Good Santa vs. Bad Santa match, and some weird ones involving Dolph Ziggler and some country music instruments.

He has basically been the butt of the jokes.

Sandow falls down and lands face first in a cream pie. He plays the role of the smart villain who does stupid things, trips and falls over his laces while reciting Shakespeare or gets kicked in the butt by a little boy while he is yelling at the crowds. He is smarter, but his arrogance has led to his downfall.

Up until recently he has been a good sport about it all. This was brought out by Sheamus who showed the fanbase that Sandow may be smart, but he is not dangerous.

This needs to change for his gimmick to progress.

The WWE can have many others fill in the spot of comical heel, but Sandow should be allowed to get a little angry, attack someone after a match and cheat more to get victories.

Old School Raw’s results did not seem hopeful of this change for his character. He was soundly and easily defeated last night even though his foot was on the ring ropes. When he protested, a geriatric Sargent Slaughter put him in the Cobra Clutch.

He is a laughingstock.

WWE is sitting on him and squashing him down, and they may not let up. This may be the only way we see Sandow in the squared circle. I am hoping it is not because the guy is far more entertaining than  guys like Sin Cara who are given their own lighting effects in the ring because he has his own comic book in Mexico or The Great Khali who can’t get over unless he dances.

Damien Sandow should go to TNA if this persists.

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