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WWE Old School Raw Jan. 6: Top 5 Observations

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Analyzing WWE Raw Old School

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This past Monday’s Raw was a bit different to say the least. The old timers were back in full mode as WWE presented “Old School” Raw in all of its glory. They had the stage, ring and everything exactly how it was in the old days.

Of course it had legends that appeared, but they were the same ones that usually do with one exception in Jake “The Snake” Roberts. He has not appeared in WWE since 1997 due to his personal issues, and it was great to see him back and being back clean.

The “Authority" did not appear on the show which is rare and almost never happens. We only saw Randy Orton and John Cena once on the night. They did plug their match at the Royal Rumble, but I wish they would have given us a little more to sink our teeth into.

The Shield was the main focal point of the show, and WWE put the Shield on Main Street to tease their breaking up.

Some legends that appeared were not legends at all but more fan favorites. This show was good and had a lot of superstars from the past. WWE did a good job of balancing the legends and the current superstars of today. Most of the segments had the superstars and the legends in the same bits which gives the younger stars a way to get their characters over and also a chance to learn. Even some legends put over guys who are current the top stars of the company.

Here are the top five observations from the event.

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5. Rey Mysterio and the Usos Def. Wyatt Family

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We now know what Daniel Bryan looks like as a Wyatt Family member. The match was good and a surprising win for the baby-faces. I was expecting a post-match beat down on Bryan which we did not get. Anyways, this match gets a 3.5-5 star rating.

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4. Big E. Langston Defeats Curtis Axel

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The match was decent, but the bigger picture is Ryback vs. Big E. Langston for the intercontinental title. Ryback hinted about it throughout the match. I don’t see it happening at the Royal Rumble, but on Raw or Smackdown it could. This match gets a 2.5-5 star rating.

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3. Opening Segment: Flair, Orton & Cena

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Wooo, Ric Flair on Raw was nice to see. I appreciate them going down memory lane, and it was a cool moment. Even having John Cena come out there did not make me any more interested in their match later this month. I’m not sure what they can do, but with only three weeks left something needs to change.

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2. Pipers Pit with the Shield

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This showed that all three members of the Shield can hold their own on the microphone, and there's no better person to go back and forth with than Rowdy Roddy Piper!

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1. Roman Reigns Defeats CM Punk

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This put Roman Reigns in the big man spot defeating CM Punk on Raw. I actually dread the end of the Shield as they have been an awesome faction for WWE.