WWE Tag Teams Fighting With Nothing Behind Them

By williambontrager
Image courtesy of Goldust Official WWE Universe Facebook page

The WWE has seemed to stress tag team wrestling of late, but with no lasting story behind it. I watch guys like the Shield or the Usos wrestle and think, “Why are these guys fighting? Where is the story?”

All I know about the Shield is that they came to the WWE, attacked people by advantage of numbers, and suddenly became tag team champions and instant main-event stars. At least there is something behind them though, as lazily put together as it is. They are rebels, but they are also corporate stooges. They love chaos for the heck of it like the Joker skipping around in sinister Gotham, but they wear outfits like they are S.W.A.T. team.

The Usos are a complete mystery, however. They are tribal, but then they hype up the crowd like hip-hop artists. They utter no words, have no manager, have no reason whatsoever as to why they wrestle and they get the crowd going by screaming the first syllables of their last name. The crowd then reacts by yelling the same thing, and fun is supposed to ensue.

Then there are the tag team champions. These are not nameless entertainers, mind you — these are the Rhodes brothers, and they make great tag team champions in the ring as wrestlers. Dustin Rhodes seemed to have acquired a second wind as an old favorite, Goldust. They are fun to watch, but again, they are champions with no story and no personality. They have done no promos, had no real challenges, and had no air time except for when they amaze us between the ropes.

So why did WWE build these tag teams up in the first place? How are fans going to be emotionally attached to the champions if we know nothing new about them? How can we cheer for the Usos with nothing to celebrate except that annoying O at the end of their name?

The fact is that we know more about 3MB and the Real Americans than any of them. The WWE should put them in the tag team title picture and develop something. They need to stop being lazy and stressing John Cena and Randy Orton, and give us something fresh and exciting to cheer for.

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