Ryback Now Forever Buried In WWE

By Damian Seeto
Ryback In The Doghouse
Image from Ryback – WWE Universe Facebook

Ryback was flying pretty high in the WWE back in 2012. Fast forward to 2014, and it seems his career will never recover from his recent lows.

Ryback has angered WWE officials even more as he was responsible for injuring Dolph Ziggler this week. Ryback used his patented “Meathook Clothesline” on Ziggler. He performed the move dangerously, and caused Ziggler to have a serious concussion.

Concussions are taken very seriously in the WWE as the company wants to avoid its talent from suffering any brain damage. The company has become very strict ever since the infamous Chris Benoit incident in 2007, which may been partly attributed to the many concussions and major brain damage that the former star suffered during his career.

This is Ziggler’s second concussion in a year. He already got concussed when Jack Swagger stupidly kicked him in the head for real. Ziggler is likely to recover, but his career might have been shortened. I’m sure the WWE might want to tell him to take things easier in the ring from now on.

Ryback, on the other hand, was already swimming with the fishes with WWE officials. They punished him initially because he was having attitude problems. They are more angry with him now as he’s labeled as an unsafe wrestler because of this incident. With all that being said, I don’t think we’ll ever see Ryback in the main event scene ever again. He is lucky he hasn’t been released yet. For now, we can expect to see Ryback losing lots of matches from this point forward.

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