WWE: Championship Story Being Surpassed By TNA Lately

By williambontrager
Courtesy of Impact Wrestling Official Facebook page

I’m not a big fan of AJ Styles, but he came back to TNA at a perfect time. Hopefully, we will see a match this Thursday between Magnus and the original champion. The show ended last week with Magnus getting worked into a prideful frenzy enough to accept a one-night-only winner-take-all championship match with Styles. The crowd was into this exchange, while Dixie Carter cried vehemently that it was not going to happen.

Many people are comparing this plot to the Authority storyline in the WWE. They do have similar characteristics. There are two champions, some corporate stooges and a face of the organization involved. Randy Orton hugs his belt tightly to his chest while Magnus struts around with his; Styles, on the other hand, keeps his belt nonchalantly resting on his coffee table in Gainesville.

This is where the similarities end, however. Carter is a heel through and through. She created a new belt, a champion of her choosing and has offered her nephew nothing but soft matches to get him through. She does not try to be subtle with her villainy, nor does she attempt to fit in to the wrestling world.

The Authority does try to be sneaky with their devilry, and Triple H is well acquainted with his universe. They claim that everything is “best for business” and they have been fair at times with how they conduct their company. Yes, there have been some people screwed out of the title, but Orton won it fair and square against John Cena, who busted the side of his head on a leaning table.

The champions of the companies are also different. Orton has won multiple times, whereas Magnus is a new face. He beat a legend in Jeff Hardy to hoist the gold over his head.

There are some similarities, but an evil boss with minions is hardly an original idea. The trick to telling a great story is how well you develop the characters and the plot twists. TNA has done this far better recently in my opinion, and I’m waiting anxiously for Thursday night to get here.

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