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WWE NXT Top Ten Prospects For 2014

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With the New Year already underway, I looked at the WWE NXT roster and thought to myself: Who could be a WWE superstar?

All of the talents on this top ten list are the big names of NXT. If you are wondering what is NXT, it is the developmental facility down in Florida. They train at the WWE performance center, and once a week they work television recordings called NXT.

I cover the show and review it. If you want to check it out, click here.

NXT has developed some big names and is no doubt the future of the WWE. There are some really good wrestlers that have turned into future WWE superstars. Not everyone on the roster or this list will become WWE superstars. They might make it but not be as big as a CM Punk or Daniel Bryan.

WWE is in a results based business, and the superstars they create have to produce not only in the ring but on the microphone. They have to get their characters over in both aspects of the game. Since the launch of NXT, it has created some huge stars that are now the future of the WWE. They are already on the roster now. On this list are the top prospects that WWE has as of right now.

I will only list the superstars that are currently on the NXT (developmental) roster. Check out superstars from WWE developmental that I think will be future WWE superstars by going through my slideshow.

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10. Shasha Banks

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Shasha has is the third diva that I could see on the main roster. She has a look similar to AJ Lee when she first started out.

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9. Tyler Breeze

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He needs a lot of work, but he can wrestle with anyone. The problem is with his character it will work for a while and get good heat. What I am afraid is that WWE will make him jabber too soon.

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8. Colin Cassidy

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Some will disagree that he is too low on this list. He still needs some improvements, but there is something in him. Look for Colin Cassidy to have a big year in NXT.

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7. Sylester Lefort

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Sylester is the Damien Sandow of France. He is well spoken and gets mega heat. I think he has some more work to do down in NXT before jumping the main roster.

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6. Emma

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Emma has a really different gimmick; she dances to the ring and gets the crowd involved. I don’t see her on the main roster this year, but once she is she could be a huge fan favorite.

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5. Leo Kruger

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I love the Leo Kruger character. He is a big dude who has “it” factor about him. I could see him as a dark, evil guy that can challenge for the world title. 2014 will be the year of Kruger while he is in NXT.

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4. Corey Graves

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He has a similar hard rock that CM Punk did when he arrived in WWE, but they are totally different workers and gimmicks. If WWE can keep him in the character that he has now, Corey Graves could really be someone.

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3. Adrian Neville

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Adrian has more of small guy look, but he works well in the ring and could be a good addition to the mid-card level. He will definitely be US or Intercontinental champion in 2014.

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2. Page

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With the Divas division taking a boost due to “Total Divas”, Page is more than ready to make it to the main roster. She has the look and microphone skills, but she can also wrestle. She can be a part of “Total Divas” if she wishes, but her value will be in the ring.

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1. Sami Zyan

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He is the top prospect from NXT, and fans might better know him as El Generico on the Indy scene. He has not only great wrestling but mic skills as well. He should be on the main roster as early as this summer.

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Other Nominee: Bo Dallas

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Current NXT champion Bo Dallas is a small guy no doubt. He has talent on the mic and is decent in the ring. Never say never, but he will be on the main roster just not world champion.