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TNA Impact January 10: Top 5 Observations

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Overall Look

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Well this week’s TNA Impact! with a huge main event that was hyped for a whopping one week delivered like a very small promotion that is not on nationwide television. They kick off the show with an interesting angle and hyped the main event very well throughout the show. It felt like a big deal, but it turned out to be crap. I’ll get more into that during the top five observations.

You can’t expect to give your fans crap and think they will stick around; it just doesn't work that way.

If there is any positive to this episode of Impact! I will try to point them out. I don’t mean to be negative about the entire show, but there weren't a ton of positives to take away.

They did push the young stars once again with Magnus, EC3 and the Bro Mans.

We had a segment in a funeral home with Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson. Ken (Anderson) turned his back on Ray, and when he turned back to face Bully he (Ray) was gone. What is this, a horror film? The characters -- or lack off -- are not fitting. At this point, what is the direction that they are building towards with Bully Ray? I don’t think even TNA knows, but they are simply going with it.

Halfway through the show I wanted to stop watching as it just dragged and dragged. The more I write about this show, the more frustrated I get. Anyways, on to the top five.

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5. Opening Segment: Magnus & AJ Styles Promos

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Once again there were good back and forth promos by both guys. Dixie Carter was way over the top here and got in the way. I understand that AJ Styles had one more date under contract, but this felt really rushed. Dixie as a heel is getting on my nerves really fast. Anyways, the main event should be good and put this storyline to bed.

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4. Bro Mans Def. Joseph Park and Eric Young

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Eric Young left a minute and a half into the match, and I wanted to change the channel. You do not book this as your first match of the night. Who honestly cares? I am a hardcore fan, but if someone is a casual fan then they will change the channel. Use common sense; do you really think people are going to watch this? Bro Mans had a mean streak which is the only good thing to come out of this. Good lord!

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3. Handicap Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle Def. Bad Influence

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This was a fun tag match that had the right guy go over. Kurt Angle is a beast, and it showed it in this match. I feel him winning this match is more than him possibly beating Bobby Roode. He beat two guys at once inside a steel cage.

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2. Steel Cage Match: Bobby Roode Def. Sting

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This was one of Sting's best matches that I have seen in some time. These guys put on a heck of a match, and Sting showed he could still go. Two cage matches in one night was a bit odd. Heck, this whole show was a bit odd! This match gave the viewer a preview of what you are going to get in one week with Bobby Roode.

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1. No DQ Match for TNA Title Magnus Def. A.J. Styles

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I’m going to try not to sound like I am bashing TNA in this last observation, but man that was horrible. You build this match up and maybe two minutes into it after Magnus was stalling we get interference.

One after the other, Sting comes down and acts like Superman three times while he takes out everyone. Horrible booking is the only thing I can say about this show. We never got a real match, and after eight people interfered, Magnus won the match. I can honestly say this was the second worst match I have seen, covered and/or watched.

Andy Ravens is a pro wrestling writer for Rant