TNA's Dixie Carter Needs Industry-Respected Veteran To Intimidate

By williambontrager
courtesy of Dixie Carter-Impact Wrestling FaceBook

TNA ended their Impact show with a beat down on AJ Styles.

It was surprising because everything before that last match seemed like a setup for an inevitable victory for him and a prolonging of the feud withMagnus. They seemed like they were setting up a huge face victory to make up for all the heel dominance that lasted throughout the night.

I was shocked to see that did not happen.

Instead, the pattern continued of total Dixie Carter supremacy.

If I was watching it live I would have demanded my money back.  AJ Styles was only assisted by Sting, who did his fair share of cleaning house against an army of goons. However, there was no Samoa Joe, no Joseph Parks and no Kurt Angle despite the fiery feud between him and Bobby Roode.

There was simply pandemonium and victory by sheer numbers on the side of the heels with no help from the faces.

It wasn’t enough for Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud to come scampering to the ring as soon as the bell rang. Bobby Roode and Bad Influence also ran out to ensure that Carter’s will reigns over TNA wrestling.

With this total meltdown in the company, Dixie Carter needs someone to assist her that is not simply a lackey or a yes-man.

I am not someone who thinks they should abandon the bad guy as the head of the company storyline. I think they could benefit from a wrestler, former wrestler or someone that knows the business to be her right-hand muscle. Carter cannot hold this position by herself. Like Brock Lesnar needs a Paul Heyman to promo for him, she needs a tough heel on her side that the locker-room fears — a veteran in the industry.

During the many times she comes across as such an emotional wreck, or like a mother scolding her misbehaving wrestlers, he could step in and display the ruthlessness that TNA needs to make their heel team relevant.

If Carter’s version of N.W.O. is to last and be feared, then it needs someone like Sting, Samoa Joe or Kurt Angle to turn heel and become her right-hand man. Otherwise this plot is headed for disaster, and that is not something this company needs right now.

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