CM Punk Should Join Forces With The Shield

By Brian Anderson
Picture Via WWE Official Facebook Page

Over the past few months, CM Punk has remained glued to the Shield. First, there was the feud with the wild man of the group, Dean Ambrose. Punk ran through him and straight into Roman Reigns. The two have worked well together, and Reigns has made a name for himself recently, defeating Punk in a one-on-one match on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw. 

This feud between the two superstars is looking to be at its peak, but no one knows how it is going to end.

The Royal Rumble is right around the corner, so it is likely that the two will not be in singles actions for the PPV. Punk’s name comes up frequently in conversation about the potential winners of the rumble, but that does not seem plausible given the fact that Batista and Brock Lesnar are the front-runners for a title match at Wrestlemania 30.

It is clear that Punk will not be wrestling Reigns, so the speculation will continue to grow over the next few weeks. We were all let down after things cooled off between Punk and Shawn Michaels following the epic brawl to end Raw a couple of weeks back. Punk admitted to being “stoked” about being put down by a Sweet Chin Music, and that potential feud went right out the window.

So now that we have no idea what will happen. Why not have CM Punk surprise the world and join forces with the Shield? After seeing his buddy Daniel Bryan take a dark turn by joining the Wyatt Family, there’s no doubt that the WWE could pull the trigger on this.

The Shield is doing to Punk exactly what the Wyatts did to Bryan. The stories are strikingly similar and we are all familiar with the term, “if you cannot beat them, then you might as well join them.” It seems like this would be the best option for both Punk and the Shield because it would stretch out the opportunities for possible Wrestlemania storylines.

Turning his back on the WWE Universe is not abnormal for Punk, even though he has been a face for some time now. He has been untrustworthy throughout his entire career, and I feel like he is waiting for the perfect opportunity to be the optimum villain once again.

Uniting with the Hounds of Justice would make him one of the most revered superstars in the company. It would also open up room for Punk to make a splash before Wrestlemania, because let’s face it, his role in the company has been rather dull lately. I am a huge Punk fan and I always enjoyed him more as a heel. It is just not as fun when Punk is not being himself, knowing  he’d rather be the bad guy in most situations.

Think of the possibilities if Punk does indeed join the Shield before or at WM30. If Punk got his hands on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with the Shield to back him, I think he could have a chance to hold on that that title for years or until the Shield decides otherwise.

Reigns’ recent push is the biggest thing standing in the way of Punk’s heel turn. The WWE is using Punk as a launching pad for Reigns’ singles career, which is a good choice, but it’s a storyline that should end soon. The heat will intensify, and the picture will be clear for all to see. I just hope that it ends with Punk donning the trademark all-black attire of the Shield.

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