Ryback Has Been Acting Very Weird Lately

By Damian Seeto
Ryback Feeling Down
Image from Ryback – WWE Universe Facebook

Ryback has been displaying very odd behavior lately, judging by the many tweets he has made over the weekend.

He’s been tweeting constantly out of frustration, with most of the tweets aimed towards pro wrestling journalists. He questions the reports that have been posted about him online, and he also teased that he had been released from the WWE. That happens to be untrue, but it does not excuse him from acting out of character.

Even though Ryback has been tweeting constantly over the past few days, he usually deletes everything he posts. He will tweet several updates, and then delete his timeline altogether. He also thanked the fans for “making him rich”. It’s hard to tell if Ryback is trolling journalists and fans, or that his actions is part of his “heel” character. Whatever it is, it’s something that he hasn’t done in the past, which is weird for a guy like him.

A part of me thinks that he’s tweeting out of mere frustration. His career was going up last year when he had the winning streak. Ever since his streak was broken, his career has never been the same. Not to mention, he’s currently in hot water with WWE officials after he gave Dolph Ziggler a concussion with a stiff clothesline.

I hope Ryback gets his act together and gets a push again sometime in the future. I thought he had tons of potential when he was a babyface last year. Sadly, now it seems he’s down on the dumps as his career is at an all-time low.

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