The Usos Have the Potential To Be Big Stars

By andyravens
Courtesy of WWE Facebook Page

It is well documented that WWE has gone back to a tag team reign over the current product. In most weeks, there are several tag team matches on the card and in most cases, there are more tag team matches than single matches. In recent weeks they have been going toe to toe with the Wyatt Family. For them (Usos) that should be a big thing.

They did a backstage promo about their match on last week’s Smackdown. Not only were they good, it most importantly showed personality from the two Samoans. They even have a key match on tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw.

Raw is the biggest show they have on a weekly bases and it might even be the main event. As of right now, that is unknown. Either way you look at it, the two brothers are gaining a bigger piece to their puzzle. Yes, they might lose to Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan, but the experience and the exposure is the most important thing.

The Usos have personality. Any time they come to the ring, they get a good reaction. The two have been in WWE since 2009, but for some reason have not captured the tag team gold. They have been champions once and in 2012 were named the 91 and 92 wrestlers in the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500. That is a cool accomplishment. It means they have talent, even though they have not reached their full potential just yet.

WWE has a bad problem with breaking teams up too soon. Back in the day it was not like that. They have a really good tag team and let’s be honest, can you see just one of them being the WWE champion? No. They are meant to be a tag team. I wouldn’t mind them going for secondary titles. Just make sure they are still a solid tag team.

The Usos have a signature look to them, which is key to making a good tag team. They have the face paint, the matching shorts and the entrance that goes right back to their heritage (Hawaiian or Samoan).

The Usos could be the next great tag team, but WWE needs to keep them together for the long haul. Only time will tell if that really happens or they just become another tag team.

Andy Ravens is a pro wrestling writer for Rant, follow him on twitter

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