The Ultimate Warrior Charges Into 2014 WWE Hall of Fame

By Damian Seeto
Ultimate Warrior Hall of Fame 2014
Image courtesy of the Official WWE Facebook page

WWE is proud to announce that the first inductee to the 2014 Hall of Fame is the Ultimate Warrior.

It’s been a long time and fans were wondering for many years why Ultimate Warrior was never in the WWE Hall of Fame. It may have taken more than a decade or so, but it’s nice that Vince McMahon has put his personal feelings aside and is doing what is right for both the fans and his business.

Some wrestling fans have criticized WWE’s Hall of Fame in the past. I admit their “Celebrity Wing” is unnecessary, as people like Pete Rose and Drew Carey have no business being in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Even though Ultimate Warrior was (and still is) popular with fans, his relationship with McMahon was the main thing preventing him from getting inducted to the Hall of Fame.

Things first went sour in 1991 when Ultimate Warrior demanded to get paid more money. Things became worse during the steroid debacle of 1992, as Ultimate Warrior was taking steroids at the time. McMahon had no choice but to let him go.

Ultimate Warrior came back to the WWE in 1996, but he failed to impress McMahon yet again. This time, Ultimate Warrior was missing wrestling bookings and dates, which prompted McMahon to fire him yet again.

In 2005, WWE decided to release the controversial “Self Destruction of Ultimate Warrior” DVD. This burned the bridge between the two sides even further, and fans’ hopes for Ultimate Warrior being in the Hall of Fame diminished.

Over the years, however, McMahon has had a change of heart and no longer holds grudges with most people. McMahon has forgiven Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan, and now he’s reconciled with Ultimate Warrior. This is a great thing for fans, because they can now appreciate and congratulate Ultimate Warrior at this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony in New Orleans.

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