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5 Better Ways WWE Could Have Used Daniel Bryan

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5 Better Ways Daniel Bryan Could Have Been Used in WWE

courtesy of Daniel Bryan-WWE FaceBook

So what happened?

Did Creative try to keep the Daniel Bryan story going but the obnoxious fans that only want a one- sided Bryan win out over artistic integrity?

Daniel Bryan turned back after only a mere two weeks of being a Wyatt family member. This is ridiculous from a creative standpoint!

In a good novel, or movie, it is a rule that the tension be built up before the good guy overcomes his fears, doubts and the blanketing evil seducing him. The WWE didn’t even let the tension get up to knee high level with this plot, and once again they mutilated the potential for a great story leading up to WrestleMania.

It is no wonder the WWE got cold feet and backed out.

On wrestling forums and social networks across the country there were thousands of people crying, whining and mewing because their wrestling hero had turned heel. They beat their fists against the walls and threatened to hold their breath until their face turned a plum color. Now they have the same old Bryan back. Well, enjoy the same stale programming, universe!

They will be the same people that will complain in three months when the overused slogan of “yes” turns to wormwood under their tongues. This was a way for Bryan to escape his gimmick for a while, get lost in the world of the Wyatt’s, make the Wyatt’s the strongest heel team and return to dominance among guys that are less talented such as Batista and Brock Lesnar.

Now that will never happen. He has once again been cast in limbo to walk the haunted trees with the rest of the shades.

Since WWE has dropped another story, here is my list of ways that they could have better dealt with the beard heading up to WrestleMania and stretching beyond it.

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5. Punk Deprograms Him

courtesy of CM Punk-WWE FaceBook

CM Punk was tagging with Bryan for a while, but the WWE creative team seemed to forget. This heel turn could trouble Punk, and he could investigate the Wyatt family leading up to a WrestlMania where Punk battles Bryan and overthrows their cult-like hold on him.

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4. Bryan Dominates WWE Universe

courtesy of Daniel Bryan-WWE FaceBook

He could remain a heel, make the Wyatt team more relevant as an opponent and with his viciousness, dominate the entire roster of WWE. He has the talent to do it, and it would gain him a ton of respect.

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3. Destroys Family From Inside

courtesy of Daniel Bryan-WWE FaceBook

Bryan's heel turn lasted for a measly two weeks or so. It could have been longer and a part of his plot to penetrate the organization and destroy it from the inside.

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2. Chooses Love Over Titles

courtesy of Daniel Bryan-WWE FaceBook

As sappy as it is, The Wyatt's could offer Bryan help in getting gold back and Brie could threaten to leave him knowing the darkness that he had to embrace to achieve it.

Daniel Bryan would choose love over the championship, and that choice would eventually give him gold.

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1. He Uses Wyatt's To Become Champion

courtesy of Daniel Bryan-WWE FaceBook

He uses the Wyatt family in the Royal Rumble to knock some opponents out, including Batista, and then betrays his "family" and earns his shot at Randy Orton. This way he outsmarts the Authority and would be on the road to the championship.