Wrestling Fans Say Goodbye To Mae Young

By Damian Seeto
Mae Young Passes Away
Image from the Official WWE Facebook Page

It is now official: WWE has confirmed that Mae Young has passed away.

Normally, the death of a celebrity is sad news, although Young lived life with a smile on her face till the very end. Sure, I will miss her making the odd appearance for the WWE, but Young has taught lots of people to live life the to fullest no matter how old they are.

Unfortunately, I never saw Young wrestling in her young days back in the ’40s. I did however see her for the first time during the Attitude Era and admired how energetic she was. Back then, she and her good friend Fabulous Moolah would always entertain the crowd with huge smiles on their faces. Not to mention, they were not afraid to wrestle or even strip off their clothes for the camera.

Even when the WWE went PG back in 2008, Young would get away with saying some rude things. I remember her appearance at WrestleMania 27 when she smacked the Rock’s behind and said she wanted his “strudel”. Her last public appearance was last year on Raw where she celebrated her 90th birthday. WWE presented her with a replica Divas Championship.

Sadly, her health started to deteriorate and she never made any more appearances from that point onward. Still, Young made a huge impact in the wrestling business and will forever be remembered as one of the most entertaining figures of all time. She can now rest in peace along with her good friend Moolah up in heaven. There will never be anyone like her ever again.

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