WWE: John Cena vs. Damien Sandow Would Make Great Feud

By williambontrager
Courtesy of Damien Sandow WWE Facebook

When the smoke clears and nobody is left for John Cena to fight, he should maintain a feud with Damien Sandow. These two have a great history and it is time for Cena to actually step aside and assist with some younger wrestlers’ careers and stop chiseling his to a finer edge.

The “intellectual savior” makes a terrific heel, and he has the microphone skills to compete with Cena. They have a jagged history where Cena, still battered and with a volleyball wrapped in skin attached to his left arm, defeated Sandow and caused him to lose his Money in the Bank contract. It was a heartbreaking ending to a story that started out great, with Cody Rhodes tossing his beloved briefcase in the polluted Jersey waters.

After Sandow lost to Cena, he became a victim to every mid-card match that the WWE could throw at him. Cena, meanwhile, became the golden boy yet again, beating Alberto Del Rio and quickly claiming the World Championship before it was fused together with the WWE Championship.

But Sandow returned to a bigger and brighter spotlight as he wrestled Cena yet again on Raw. The match was excellent, and although the end was predictable with Cena overcoming the odds, it still allowed the fans to remember that Sandow can perform in and out of the ring. Hopefully we will see more of this, but I am not holding my breath.

The WWE tends to drop stories more than they develop them, and they only seem to care about building up names that are already big splashes. But with this match, I am hoping that the creative team is building Sandow up after humiliating him for so many long, tedious months. He has paid his dues to the company.

However, if Sandow is to go over as Cena’s main heel, they should allow him to cheat more. Sandow would be at his best when he can use his sinister cunning to win matches. He should also come to the ring with a microphone in his hand. It is a rare thing for wrestlers to be good at promos these days, so WWE should take full advantage of Sandow exchanging words in the middle of the ring with Cena.

Finally, his obsession with the “champ” should drive Sandow. He should be haunted at how easily an one-armed Cena won his match against him. Let’s see this develop more, and I promise the WWE that I won’t turn the channel when I hear super-Cena trying to rap on his entrance music and saluting the camera.  

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