WWE: Brodus Clay Needs To Be A Monster Again

By andyravens
Courtesy of WWE Facebook Page

Brodus Clay was once built as the next great monster in the WWE. Well, that did not happen at all. He was put together with Alberto Del Rio in 2011 and was his monster heel. Anyone that Del Rio did not like, Clay would be the guy who took them out. Then, he went away from TV for a bit.

Why? They thought he needed to lose weight and get more experience. Next time fans saw him was in 2012 but instead of going on a monster run, we got a fun-loving dancing dinosaur who is basically part of the WWE comedy club.

Why would they take a character that worked so well and completely discard it? It makes no sense, right? Clay has a big presence and he could be a monster heel if booked properly. He went through his stages with “Tons of Funk” and is now the “Main Event player”. I would love to see him go away for a couple of months and come back as a angry person trying to take out everyone in his way.

Will the big guy actually get his wish and become what everyone wants to see out of him — a character he wants to be and can deliver very well? It’s not too late to make the change, and it would definitely be for the better. Only time will tell.

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