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Some Bright Spots Of TNA Genesis Worth Mentioning

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Some Bright Spots Of TNA Genesis Worth Mentioning

courtesy of Impact Wrestling FaceBook

TNA kicked off Genesis, and despite the shrill annoying voice of Dixie Carter it was a decent show. If anyone still lingers on and believes that TNA is the old man that can’t kick it with the youths in WWE riding around on skateboards with Capri Suns clenched between their fists, think again. TNA is just as bad as WWE!

TNA Genesis part 1 began where the dying, wheezing Impact left off last week. As bad as Impact was last time, Genesis made up for it in some ways. Last week Dixie Carter’s version of the NWO totally annihilated the face team, intimidating some from coming out and subduing those that made a stand, like the Icon, Sting.

Genesis proved that they would not stand idly by and watch as Dixie’s dream team of sinister baddies took over. AJ Styles has now vacated to the greener pastures of Ring of Honor, but the new era of Magnus is underway and Sting mustered his forces to fight.

The event in Huntsville started out riotous with a massive eight man tag-team match. It was clever too how they did it, because at first it was just bodies flying all over, no order, and everyone finding someone to strike. Then as time progressed, it slowly became a traditional match. The wrestling was nothing spectacular, but I loved that Sting returned, peeved with his back-shattering bat in hand.

The only thing that ruined the evening was that mediocre match between the Icon and Carter’s golden nephew. It was an awful match from start to ending. Once again the Carter mafia damaged the action in the ring and disappointed some fans in the stands.

All in all, Genesis put on a good introduction for part 2 next week. Now here are some bright spots of Genesis the first.

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5. Sting Shows Off His Promo Skills

courtesy of Impact Wrestling FaceBook

The eight-man tag match was okay, but what really made it special is the entrance of Sting. The lights went out, and there he was, perched over Dixie’s minions like a shadowy knight of justice. The promo was heartfelt, and you could feel the outrage in Sting’s voice reverberate to a raucous crowd. He still has it on the microphone.

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4. Bully Ray Against Mr Anderson: No DQ

courtesy of Impact Wrestling FaceBook

Bully Ray seemed a little odd last week, appearing like a ghost, vanishing and acting peculiar. However, Mr. Anderson and Bully put on a great no-disqualifications match. The crowd was in to it, and after some hardcore moves into a steel guardrail, Bully Ray dropped Anderson on his head for the win. I want to see more from these two.

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3. Angle Rages, In Search For Dixie Carter

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Kurt Angle was jumped by Bobby Roode, and their steel cage match was delayed. Before that Angle threatened Al Snow, flipped over a table in rage and put on a convincing performance fuming at the audacity of the twisted mind of Dixie Carter. Kurt Angle needs to turn heel and become the leader of Carter’s new Brood.

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2. Sabin Entertains

courtesy of Chris Sabin-TNA Nation FaceBook

Chris Sabin was hilarious with his facial expressions and attitude while Austin Aries chastised him about his girlfriend. I expect this X-Division championship to change hands yet again, but these two are both excellent mat wrestlers. I look forward to their battle next week.

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1. Looking Ahead to Genesis Part 2

courtesy of Impact Wrestling FaceBook

As much as I want to say the final match was good, I can’t. The best part about Genesis is the expectation for Genesis 2 next week. Kurt Angle will get his hands on Booby Roode in a steel cage, and the X-Division championship feud should also have some exciting moments.