TNA Does Too Many "Takeover” Storylines

By andyravens
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As someone who has watched TNA since 2003, I believe I can speak about their decisions well. They do some good things, though everyone is has an opinion and most will criticize TNA for the way they book their TV program.

If you have noticed since 2010, there has been several “takeover” storylines. It feels like we get one every year with the same people. Dixie Carter, Sting, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle are always in the mix. Sting is fighting to take back the power of TNA, but is apparently doing a bad job since it is being taken over every year. Hire some lawyers, people!

All jokes aside, it was in the “Immortal” storyline back in 2010 that Jeff Hardy and Hulk Hogan turned heel. They, alongside Eric Bischoff, took over TNA under the noise of Carter and became the owners. This began the many heel turns for the legendary Hogan. I mean, how many times can you turn heel in one company in a matter of three years?

This also led to Jeff Hardy being the world champion and having the most embarrassing wrestling match I have ever seen at Victory Road, where he was drunk or on drugs. Then in 2012, this storyline thankfully ended and I felt like we were finally out of the WCW era. Think about it — almost two full years of that. Did Dixie Carter not watch WCW and how they went out of business?

In the summer of 2012, it was the “Aces and Eight” storyline where TNA was being taken over from this motorcycle group. Once again, it involved Sting, Hogan and miss Carter. That ended in 2013 and it was well documented. They had a good idea with so many members, but the once special feeling was gone after six months. The storyline lasted for a year and five months, which was too long.

Once you’re down to four members, and one of them is a commentator who has not wrestled since 2001 … well, that’s not good.

Now for some reason, TNA has turned Carter into a heel authority figure who has built a “New TNA”. I’m not sure what a new TNA is, but whatever I have been shown as of late, I do not like it whatsoever. Carter feels like this is not her (which I am sure it is not) and feels like she is acting. When a wrestler is in character, it should feel natural and not like they are playing a part.

Is Sting going to attempt to save TNA again? We have seen this and done that. When can we stop with these takeover storylines?

Andy Ravens is a pro wrestling writer for Rant, follow him on twitter.

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