Can Batista Remain Injury-Free Upon Return?

By Damian Seeto
Batista Clothelines Cena
Image from Batista – WWE Universe Facebook

Everyone is excited for the return of Batista this week. Will he be able to stay injury free when he comes back?

Batista is known to be injury-prone, as he has injured his triceps muscles on more than one occasion. The first injury he suffered in his WWE career was back in 2003. He managed to come back just a few months later.

Just three years after, Batista reached the pinnacle of his career, as he became the World Heavyweight Champion. He had a lengthy reign, but got injured while he was champion during a match he had with Mark Henry. He tore his triceps muscle yet again and was sidelined for six months. He even had to miss WrestleMania 22 because of it.

Just a few years later, Batista injured himself again as he tore his hamstring. He was out for many months again and was forced to miss WrestleMania 25. Batista again came back, but would suffer yet another injury. This time, he injured his left biceps. He then came back and managed to stay injury free until he retired from the WWE in mid-2010.

From my count, Batista had been sidelined four times in his WWE career. His injuries became more common during the latter part of his career and he missed very important WrestleMania events because of them. Batista is set to return to Raw this week to wrestle for another two years. Hopefully he can stay injury free for the span of those two years.

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