Batista Return Was Perfectly Done On Raw

By andyravens
Courtesy of WWE Facebook Page

As seen on  Monday night’s Raw, the “animal” returned for the first time in almost four years and it was pretty cool to say the least. Even though he had a tight jacket and skinny jeans which looked weird, Batista nailed it from his entrance all the way to his promo. Nonetheless, the WWE “Universe” missed the “animal,” and they showed it when his music hit out of nowhere.

Randy Orton was in the ring with the “Authority” in case you missed it, and once they did their thing Batista’s music hit; and it was on from there. His promo was short and simply to the point which is how it should have been done. He is back for the title and wants to be the man again. It gives him a motive, and if he is the No. 1 contender come WrestleMania 30 they have a background for this feud. Batista has a history with both Orton and Triple H with their ties all the way back to OVW in 2001 to “Evolution” in 2002.

They can build off of that and surely have a good match. Batista was a bit winded, and there is nothing like ring shape when it comes to cardio. That might be a factor come this Sunday and looking forward to his future matches. I’m sure his matches will be kept short and sweet until he can get back into shape.

He looks like he never missed a beat and looks great for someone who is 45 years of age. It’s good to see him back.

Andy Ravens is a pro wrestling writer for Rant, follow him on twitter.

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