WWE's Kofi Kingston Should Take His Gimmick From Richard Sherman

By williambontrager

courtesy of Kofi Kingston-WWE FaceBook

Kofi Kingston was stuck in a weird feud and a love-hate relationship with The Miz, and now he is going head-to-head with Randy Orton. I love it! Kingston is a great wrestler, but his character always seemed flat to me. Watching him beat Randy “Boredom” Orton is what his career needs. But how can Kofi go over with the audience?

As you watch Kingston you see that he is clearly more athletic than many of the combatants he squares off with. He has one of the highest verticals in the game, and his move where he fools his opponent, feigns a suicide dive, then bounces back off the ropes is highly original. But these acrobatics are not enough if he never opens his mouth and takes pride in them.

Watching a fired up, confident Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks made me think of Kingston in a serious light. After tipping a ball against Michael Crabtree, he almost made the female announcer leap out of her boots as he shouted into the microphone. Ropes and speckles of spittle flew out of his mouth as he looked into the camera and screamed that he is the best corner in the NFL.

I was entertained by his confidence, and then I thought of Kofi.

This should be his gimmick to get to the next level. Kofi is not funny; he is not charismatic enough to smile, nod, do his job and win titles. He needs an edge, and he should copy Sherman’s brutish confidence and tenacity.

I would love to see Kingston start to brag about his skills in the ring.

He could claim that he is more agile, quicker, and smarter than any wrestler in the WWE. He could rant in to the microphone claiming that nobody can beat him. His move set can humiliate opponents if the WWE allows it. Kofi’s rebound hurricanrana, the elusive pendulum kick and his float over DDT are all proof of his skill.  

The fuel has been given to him already to get mad.  The mealy mouthed announcers claimed on Raw that Orton’s loss to him is the greatest upset of his career.

Kingston needs to stand up for himself after that! Let him use his superior skills and see if there is a great superstar hidden under that humble exterior. Take a page from Sherman.

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