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Batista’s WWE Return Seemed Underwhelming

Batista Returns To Confront Orton

Image from Batista- WWE Universe Facebook

Batista‘s long awaited return to the WWE happened this week on Raw. Despite all of the hype, however, his appearance seemed underwhelming.

Normally, when a huge star makes their return to the WWE, it’s treated like a huge thing. Back in 2012, Brock Lesnar excited the crowd when he debuted on Raw after WrestleMania 28. Nobody knew he was coming and everyone freaked out. He made an even bigger impact by attacking John Cena.

The Rock‘s return to the WWE back in 2011 was one of the most talked-about topics in recent memory. The crowd erupted once they heard his music and were mesmerized by his 15-minute promo. Fans got even more excited when he called out Cena.

Batista’s return, on the other hand, failed to excite the crowd. Yes, they were chanting his name a lot, but they didn’t sound loud enough for some reason. Not to mention, he didn’t do or say anything very exciting when he came back. He just uttered a few words to Randy Orton and then powerbombed Alberto Del Rio later on in the same night. Both of his segments on Raw were short and nothing special.

To be fair, the WWE didn’t plan his return like this. He was supposed to be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble, but those plans were ruined when his return got leaked from an advertisement. Maybe the crowd would have reacted better if his return was kept as a surprise. I’m hoping that Batista can make a bigger impact during the next couple of weeks, because his first night back wasn’t that great.