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Royal Rumble 2014: Predicting the 5 Most Likely Winners

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The 5 Most Likely Winners of the 2014 Royal Rumble


We're just days away from the 2014 Royal Rumble. Just like many years in the past, there's quite a bit of uncertainty surrounding the event. But unlike many years in the past, this year's event has many featured singles bouts. Part of the reason why, is because WWE is trying to put focus on the main event title match between John Cena and Randy Orton. That's why they ended the go home Raw show with Cena chasing Orton out of the building into a car.

In addition to the WWE title match, Brock Lesnar will take on Big Show and Daniel Bryan will take on Bray Wyatt. Personally, I would have preferred Lesnar and Show to skip their singles match and just enter the Rumble, but they're obviously trying to build up Lesnar for his 'run' at the title next month. I don't see any way that he doesn't beat Show.

When it comes to Bryan and Wyatt, there's a lot more uncertainty. They can book Wyatt over Bryan and it won't cost DB any steam. He's as hot as anybody right now, and a dirty loss to Bray Wyatt is well within the realm of possibility.

As for the Rumble match itself, this year's event isn't exactly loaded with big names. Cena, Bryan, Lesnar, Big Show and Kane are all out of the match at this point in time. This leads me to believe that several surprises will take place on Sunday.

So who are the favorites to win the Rumble match? Here's a look at the top five candidates:

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5. Roman Reigns


Reigns comes in at No. 5 because he's at minimum on the short list of potential winners. I believe he's a year or two away from being a serious contender, but don't be surprised to see him in the final four on Sunday.

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4. John Cena

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Cena is not even in the Rumble match, but I still have him ranked as the fourth most likely winner. Why? Because if you look at the list of entrants, there just aren't that many realistic winners. If the title bout comes before the Rumble match, don't be surprised to see Cena. Will he win it for a second straight year? It's highly unlikely.

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3. Daniel Bryan

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Just like Cena, Bryan isn't even listed as a participant in the Rumble match. But you know his match with Bray Wyatt will take place early on in the evening. I'm fairly confident we'll see him enter the match, and if he does, he's the third most likely to win.

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2. CM Punk

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Punk is set to be the first entrant in this year's Rumble. That means WWE has picked him to basically carry the match by staying in for 50 minutes-plus. Punk will be in the final four with a good shot at winning the whole thing.

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1. Batista

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The favorite heading into the Rumble is Batista without question. His promo on Monday night made it clear he's going to enter the title picture, it's just a matter of how. In a Rumble match that seems to lack star power, he's a great choice to head to the WM main event.