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Richard Sherman and 10 Athletes Who Could Be WWE Superstars

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10 Athletes Who Would Be Great in WWE

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Putting all the nasty comments aside, what's seemingly the most popular comment you heard on Richard Sherman's post-game rant? 'He sounds like a WWE wrestler.'

As cliche as that statement has become, it's true. Sherman has everything that WWE is looking for in a superstar (they prefer that term instead of 'wrestler' nowadays). He's 6-3, he's athletic and he can talk. Above all else, he has natural charisma. That's the x-factor that makes a great WWE superstar. You can have all the physical abilities in the world, but if you don't have charisma, you don't have a shot of making it in the world of pro wrestling.

Over the years there have been many athletes that have transitioned to careers in wrestling. The most notable is Dwayne Johnson. The Rock got his start playing football. He was on the Miami Hurricanes national championship team in 1992, but he failed to get drafted to the NFL. Instead, Johnson took his talents to Canada and the CFL. Ultimately, his football career fizzled out and opted to start a new career in pro wrestling.

The Rock's case is a little bit different because his father and grandfather were both pro wrestlers as well, but it goes to show that natural athleticism is one of the things that can lead to a career in WWE.

So in the world of sports today (besides Richard Sherman), who would make a good WWE superstar?Here's a list of 10 athletes who have what it takes to step inside the squared circle. Some could actually throw down in the ring, while others would make great attractions. Enjoy:

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Jared Allen

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I don't know if Allen is interested in a career with WWE, but he has all the tools. He's strong and athletic with great mic skills.

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Shaquille O'Neal

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We all know that Shaq is a huge WWE fan. He's even been a host of Monday Night Raw before. I think it's finally time we see him in a match at Wrestlemania.

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Clay Matthews

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Matthews could transition to the world of pro rasslin' with ease.

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Lebron James

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LBJ has also made no bones about his love for WWE. He recently got a title belt from the Rock as a gift. I don't ever see James getting involved in a match, but don't rule out an appearance on WWE television or a future PPV.

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Joakim Noah

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Noah loves to run his mouth, he's tall and he's naturally charismatic. Those are three key pieces to making it in WWE.

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Yasiel Puig

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Puig is all about showboating, so he'd be a natural in the squared circle.

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James Laurinaitis

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Laurinaitis looks like he was born to be a wrestler. Why? His dad Joe Laurinaitis was one. You know him as 'Animal' from the Legion of Doom.

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JJ Watt

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Let's be honest, JJ Watt could have a second career in UFC if he wanted one. Dude is just a freak athlete.

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Metta World Peace

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MWP is this generation's Dennis Rodman and we all remember that the Worm crossed over into pro wrestling back in the late 90s.

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Chael Sonnen

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Without question, the athlete who would make the best WWE superstar is Chael Sonnen. He's got everything WWE is looking for. Personally, I think it's only a matter of time before the two sides work out a deal of some sort.