Genesis 2014 Proves That TNA Is Going Downhill

By Damian Seeto
TNA Genesis Was Bad
Image from Impact Wrestling – Facebook

TNA Wrestling used to be a fun alternative to the WWE. Now, the product resembles what WCW used to be just before they died in 2001.

The last wrestling show that made my blood boil was WWE’s WrestleMania 27. That shows featured one of the worst main events in history, with John Cena facing The Miz for the WWE Title. The Miz never deserved to be champion in the first place and his poor in-ring skills were on display that night. The other shoddy match WWE booked on this awful show was Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler. I cannot believe we had to pay top dollar for this awful PPV.

TNA Genesis 2014 thankfully wasn’t a PPV, but the show as a whole was still really bad. TNA used to be great, but this show proved how bad the product has become over the last few years. The main events that were booked in this show were cluttered messes. The only good part of the show was the cage match between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode. There were some other decent matches, but the main events were the ones that left a very sour taste in my mouth.

There were two main events that both featured Sting and they were horrible. Sting is a legend, but the matches he was in were a total mess thanks to TNA’s bad booking. Sting faced Ethan Carter III in the first match he was in, which was only five minutes long and featured unnecessary interference. This set the stage for Sting vs. Magnus later on.

Sting vs. Magnus was probably worse because nearly every heel wrestler came out from the back and attacked Sting. I don’t mind heels cheating from time to time in wrestling, but not when the whole locker room pretty much comes out to be involved in one match. It looks ridiculous when five or more people come out and interfere in a match.

To make the match look even more ridiculous, Sting didn’t even kick out of Magnus’ finisher, even though 30 seconds had gone by. Sting just laid there for 30 seconds until Earl Hebner reluctantly counted to three. Even though Hebner did a slow count, Sting was still knocked out from just one move.

Hopefully Sting realizes how bad TNA has become and signs to join with WWE very soon. TNA has become such a mess as the company is low on talent, money and fans at the moment. If something doesn’t change, TNA could be shut down.

I’m hoping TNA can change their ways, as I never like to see people lose their jobs, but the direction the company is going right now makes me believe they won’t survive another year…

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