Royal Rumble: Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show Could Be Match Of The Night

By andyravens
Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook Page

Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show is not the top match on this card in my opinion, but could be the Match Of The Night. You might be thinking, “how can that be?” The buildup to this match has been done very well, with Paul Heyman doing golden promos while Brock Lesnar is breaking peoples arms.

If you were going to have this feud be any different, I don’t think it could work. I understand they feuded at Survivor Series in 2002 and at the Royal Rumble in 2003. They continued their back-and forth at the Vengeance PPV in 2003 as well. The WWE title was on the line in every one of their showdowns. If you are arguing that we have already seen it — it was 10 years ago, so get over it.

These guys are totally different now. Big Show had hair then and now he does not, for instance. Now, there is not a lot they can do in a wrestling match, and I hope they do not go down this path. Instead, they need to turn it into a fight. This needs to be a no-DQ, no-holds-barred, hardcore matchup, or whatever tagline they want to put on it that means the same thing.

If these guys brawl and do what they do best, then this should be the Match of the Night.

Let me know in the comments section below if you think this could be MOTN-caliber match. If not, who do you think will steal the show?

Andy Ravens is a pro wrestling writer for Rant, follow him on twitter.

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