Sting Leaves: What's Next For TNA's Heel Gang?

By williambontrager

courtesy of Sting-TNA Impact FaceBook

Genesis the second just concluded with a shocking ending.

The icon Sting has left the plush halls of TNA. It was a weird thing the way that TNA did it, with Kurt Angle finally overcoming Bobby Roode in a steel cage, and Austin Aries recovering the X-Division championship. It was an all-face victory up to the point of Sting getting counted out by a begrudging Earl Heffner.

So what is next for TNA? Are they lost without the icon?

Dixie Carter claimed another victim for her little mafia. First, Jeff Hardy walked out. Then, AJ Styles took to the road before finding a contract in Ring of Honor. And now, Sting has been decimated in the middle of the ring. The contract he had with the organization was supposedly shredded over Sting’s body by Magnus, who stood looming over him in victory.

The chills crept down my spine in the middle of the broadcast, when the camera zoomed in on a close up of Angle’s face, saying his probable goodbyes to Sting.

Yet, I still hoped that Genesis would end with a Sting victory. Samoa Joe did a great job in helping his Main Event Mafia member when Carter’s gang ran out.

Then, Angle came flying out and cleared the ring around the two combatants, making it fair once again.

But Roode interfered one last time and the hand went down one, two and three, and ended Sting’s reign.

So now the Dixie group has eliminated three legends, and dominated TNA. This leaves their gang of heels with a big responsibility. With all of these guys gone, they need to look more imposing than ever to convince their audience.

They have to work their hearts out to cut the best promos, become the most vicious and intelligent in the ring and keep up with the most intriguing stories. If they don’t, two months down the road people will be questioning why three of the greatest wrestlers got ousted by those clowns. TNA will look like a joke when it had so much promise.

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