Batista's Story Hopefully Ends at Royal Rumble

By williambontrager

courtesy of Batista-WWE FaceBook

People aren’t just sipping the Kool-Aid, they are slurping it down by mouthfuls. The WWE’s Royal Rumble is coming up and everyone is excited about the return of Batista. They are asking themselves, will the Animal win the contest and become the No. 1 contender and then wrestle the champion? They are hoping this is the case.

But not me.

Batista doesn’t look like a champion and he definitely doesn’t deserve a title shot. He signed up for two years, but it would be a miracle that he doesn’t get injured tonight peeling off his skinny jeans.

Batista is not in ring shape. He also didn’t amaze me with his short promos. The WWE has billions of dollars. They put on four shows a week. They are known worldwide. They have t-shirts and other merchandise, movies and video games.

They could pay Stephen King to write a script for Bray Wyatt! They could hire writers working around the clock to make an aging Batista seem like a wrestling legend, by story-boarding and excellent editing. They could hire acting coaches for the Animal so he doesn’t look so tired, as he did on Raw.

All of these resources are at hand, and the greatest thing that Batista, and the writing staff, could come up with was, he is back because he wants the championship and to main event at Wrestlemania.

Is the creative team even coherent anymore when they get together and discuss possible stories?

It is hard to believe that so many people are clamoring for this aging, washed up wrestler in the first place. But to believe that they are accepting this story as something that should be shot up the priority list on the road to Wrestlemania is ludicrous.

Hopefully the next story-line for Batista is that he gets a hernia trying to lift Luke Harper over the ropes at Royal Rumble and has to sit out for the next few months being nursed by Vicki Guerrero.

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