TNA Is Overbooking Their Product

By andyravens
Image Courtesy of Impact Wrestling Official Facebook Page

TNA Impact Wrestling, you are about to take some heat from your fans. Get the heck out of the kitchen, because this is going to burn.

After watching last night’s edition of Impact!, where Magnus took on the “Icon” Sting in a world title match that had the stipulations that if Sting lost, he would be gone from TNA. Once again for the second time in four weeks, you overbooked your main event and your main program all at once.

TNA’s product was really good a few months ago, but has now sunk to lows that I couldn’t image. The main program is Dixie Carter as a heel authority (WWE). With that being in mind, you could make the argument of the reason they had so many people come out to help Magnus take out AJ Styles ( four weeks ago), and then last night with Sting, that it goes with their story line of her “protecting her company.” You could make that argument, but does it make it any easier to watch it on a weekly basis?

Not only did they overbook two out of the four main events, they also hurt the product and credibility of it as well. When you announce a world title match that you have been hyping up for weeks and then give what you gave, it is not fair to your loyal fans. For one, we did not get a real match, but rather several moments where you had interference that cost a guy a match. That’s already one strike against you, but then you do it when the stipulation is if Styles and Sting lose, then they are gone from TNA. Throw in the fact that they are your big stars, that you have built them over the years; putting them front and center of your product and not giving them a proper farewell match is just wrong.

Do you agree or disagree? Let me know.

Andy Ravens is a pro wrestling writer for Rant, follow him on twitter.

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