Bray Wyatt Puts Daniel Bryan Down At Royal Rumble

By andyravens
Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook Page

Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt kicked off the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. This was no doubt a Match of the Night-caliber showdown. This match was a nice touch that got awesome reaction from the fans. There was back and forth action with neither man getting the majority of the offense. For a wrestling fan, this is the best kind of wrestling match.

The finishing sequence came when Bryan went for an outside dive to Bray, but was caught and Bray nailed his finisher. Moments later, he got the the win and Bryan was out for the count. With Wyatt winning the match, does he go onto bigger and better things or do they continue this feud that is the top program in the company at this time? It’s too soon to tell, and I think we will get the answer on Monday’s Raw.

I would not mind seeing this match again if we can get the same amount of time, and effort from both men. WWE had sold this match very well and the crowd was behind Bryan in a big way. With Wyatt interfering with John Cena’s title match, I think it’s clear that they have moved away from Bryan for the most part. That does not mean, however, that they will not have Bryan and Cena tag up to take on the Wyatt Family.

The sky’s the limit for the bearded GOAT.

Andy Ravens is a pro wrestling writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter.

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