2014 Royal Rumble: Batista Winning Match Makes No Sense

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When Batista returned a few weeks ago to WWE programming, he immediately took the company by storm and started a heated feud with Alberto Del Rio. Last week on RAW, Batista capped off an Del Rio match by Batista Bombing him when Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio. The Twitter conversations between Batista and Del Rio made it seem that the two would be engaging in a heated rivalry at least until Elimination Chamber in February. Everyone was wrong Sunday night.

Batista was one of the last entrants left in the Royal Rumble match. Roman ReignsSheamus and CM Punk were left with him. Corporate Kane returned to the match to get revenge on Punk eliminating him earlier. Punk ended up through a table. Sheamus was then eliminated by Reigns. With Reigns getting major boost from the fans and Batista receiving boos, it only seemed fitting that Reigns would win and get a shot at the title at Wrestlemania. Batista ended up eliminating Reigns to the shock of the WWE Universe.

Batista winning now signifies that two heels will be in the main event at Wrestlemania. Reigns is now very over with the fans and should have won the Rumble to give him an incredible boost to the top of the company. It is even more amazing that Daniel Bryan was not even a competitor in the match after losing to Bray Wyatt earlier in the night.

Why Reigns did not win and Bryan not compete is beyond anyone in the WWE Universe. WWE fans are upset, as they should be. Batista winning does not bode well for ‘Mania buys in April.

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  • Brandon Massingill

    My god seriously? I don’t agree he should’ve won either but wtf is the obsession with Daniel Bryan? Vince went through a Burger King drive thru and saw Bryan cooking and said hey wanna be a wrestler. Hogan, warrior, Bret, Shawn, taker, rock, Austin, triple h…. Daniel Bryan. Which one of these champs doesn’t fit? Fans make me sick with this guy… He sycks

    • Nick Villano

      Dude did you hear that crowd? I am not the biggest Daniel Bryan fan but I won’t be blind and say he isn’t the best thing this company has going right now. The roof would have exploded if his music hit. He didn’t need to win, he just needed to be there

    • Robert

      Bob Backlund?

  • William Bontrager

    they had the best match of the night…all of the others were awful