Batista Wins Disappointing Royal Rumble Match

Disappointing Royal Rumble Match

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The 2014 Royal Rumble has to be one of the most disappointing WWE events in recent memory.

The biggest story coming off this year’s Royal Rumble is that Daniel Bryan wasn’t even in it. Bryan lost the opening match against Bray Wyatt (cleanly, I might add) and then never appeared on the show ever again. Fans were chanting his name all night long, but he was nowhere to be seen.

When Rey Mysterio came out as competitor no. 30, that was when the fans started to boo. They wanted Bryan in the match, but it seems as if Triple H and Vince McMahon prevented that from happening. CM Punk was still in the match, so fans wanted him to win. They were disappointed yet again because Corporate Kane interfered and eliminated Punk. The final three were Sheamus, Batista and Roman Reigns.

Fans shifted gears again and wanted Reigns to win. They booed Batista and Sheamus as they chanted “no” at every move they did. Once Reigns eliminated Sheamus, fans were behind him 100 percent. They did not want to see Batista winning the Royal Rumble again.

The exchange between Reigns and Batista was exciting and the crowd really wanted Reigns to win at that point. In the end though, Batista threw out Reigns and became the Royal Rumble 2014 winner. The fans booed loudly and many of them left the building at that point.

The WWE seriously needs to push new stars, and I agree with the fan reaction the match got. Batista did the same thing he did back in 2005. He entered at no. 28 and won the Royal Rumble. Now he is likely to face Randy Orton at WrestleMania XXX in a match that nobody really wants to see.

The WWE needs to stop pushing the same main event stars they have had since 2002. It’s 2014, and I think it’s about time some new stars got a share of the limelight. Batista didn’t need to win the Royal Rumble this year, and I hope the fans continue to voice their opinions to let WWE officials know who we really want to see in the main events.

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  • bgilman45

    Terrible terrible booking. Have no idea who is doing the actual booking for the WWE (Triple H????) but either they have no clue about effective storylines or just have absolute hatred and disrespect for the fans.
    Bryan should have been in the match somewhere, with his elimination furthering his new storyline.
    Cena should have been in it as well.
    El Torito????? Seriously?
    The PTPs could have been represented.
    Sheamus’ return was anti-climactic.
    Kevin Nash participation was pointless.
    Undertaker should have been in the match and in my opinion should have won it. That would have set up a streak vs. Title match at WM30. Orton could have beaten undertaker and ended the streak and elevated his championship even more.
    Instead you have Orton vs. Batista and the fans already dont care.
    There will be no heat at all for an Orton and Batista feud.
    Orton wins and Batista is all done as a title threat immediately.
    Batista wins and it buries John Cena and Daniel Bryan as weak and ineffective challengers.
    Gotta believe Triple H is behind this booking to be able to inject himself into some kind of Evolution revisited storyline.

    • SimonLL

      batista vs orton will be boring…and we’ve seen this match ever since 2002…lol